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Adventure 004: Slime Time

Cave exploration; where are those villagers?

The group finds itself in the silent town, the Seven Snakes have taken care of the orc bodies and proceed to scout and watch from the towers.

The adventures decide to leave the town and head towards the cave that the villagers ran to during the giant attack on Nightstone. The walk is short and uneventful.

They approach the mouth of the cave and before they can all enter the narrow opening, an ogre emerges from a hot mud pit just inside the darkness. It roars and attacks the lead members. Lelah and the ogre trade blows and Laylyn catches a clubbing after managing to splash a magical acid bomb onto its hulking body. The ogre’s rush has blocked the mouth of the cave and Harri and Djeruk are blocked from the fray by their comrades. Anakis sneaks in a hand toward the ogre and zaps him with a charged grip. Finally, Laylyn casts sleep on the ogre who immediately crumples to the ground, snoozing. The party falls upon the sleeping beast and repeatedly bash, cut, and slice the beast. Dresden takes a point-blank shot into the face of the ogre tearing off the cheek and ear.

A loud howl erupts from the center of the cave. A ring of stalagmites serves as a personal space for the mated pair of ogres, of which the other comes bursting forth swinging a log in defense of the one on the ground. Harri does a quick two-knived body drop to the fallen ogre, gutting it. The adventurer’s press the attack, pouring into the cave no longer bottle-necked by the first ogre. Arrows fly from the darkness, which is not really so dark because the party all has some sort of darkvison for low-light situations. About ten feet off the ground, ringing the entire central chamber are ledges with goblin sentries firing arrows and shouting “Bree-yark!” Harri, Djeruk and Anakis scatter across the floor of the cave, rushing towards the ledges to scramble up and engage the snipers.

Arrows pelt the heroes and the stream is cut off one by one as the goblin sentries are murdered swiftly. The dead ogre’s mate ambushes Lelah from behind the stalagmites. Pretty soon the ogre is brought to the ground by a combination of mauling, acid orbs, and crossbow bolts to the head and neck.

The heroes find themselves in a roughly circular cave that has passageways breaking off like spokes on a wheel. The first passages is narrow and must be navigated single-file. They pass a large 15 ft tall cone of rock that is free-standing in the middle of a widened room of the passageway. There are hundreds of holes in the rock but no one takes a closer look. They continue on into a blind room with a cascading waterfall down one side wall. A gurgling louder that the trickle of water causes all to whip around to face a Black Pudding! The black, oily amorphous mass sends whipping pseudopods from its central goopiness attempting to snare and dissolve the heroes. Striking the ooze with blunt object only causes the monster to splatter and the droplets burn the skin and clothing on those nearby. Annikis targets a roaring jet of magical flame that incinerates the ooze and the ash is scattered to the cave floor. Dresden attempts to swim and explore the shallow pond created by the waterfall. It is a simple pond without a continuing passage. They retrace their steps back to the central cavern.

The next passageway leads to a round room with a conical, descending floor to a central black hole. Around the walls of the cave are ledges crammed with dozens of huddling humans! The villagers shush the heroes as they step forward. Lelah shouts, “are you from Nightstone?”, provoking bats, thousands of them, to pour upwards out of the hole the floor. They circle the room, filling it. The heroes manage to to lead the frightened villagers out of the bat cloud and to freedom outside the cave. Everyone heads back to Nightstone and the surviving villagers pick up the pieces of their town, cook a feast to celebrate the heroes, and mourn their dead. Nightstone and the adventurers sleep soundly with the seven snakes watching the town.


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