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Adventure 002: Rocks, Goblins and Worgs, oh my!

The weary party wakes to the gentle sound of morning. The river is next to them and in the morning light they see the clearings on each side. Gentle banks slope down to the river. The path to Knightstone is clear. Follow the river for a half of a day.

Dresden, looking worried and anxious, sips from his canteen filled with drink from the Golden Eagle and he finally speaks up, “No more killing gentle forest creatures. All living creatures from the forest must be respected.” “The spiders didn’t respect Tam,” Anakis retorts. Harri speaks up, “Remember, we ran. We could have slaughtered them all.”

Djeruk interrupts the awkward silence by shouting, “All glory to the God Tyr."

The night before Harri regaled them with stories of about being a sailor and a pirate. He had gone to Waterdeep to be a pirate. And he felt most comfortable on the deck of the ship. Harri talked for hours about his battle with a huge Kraken. No one believed him. But after seeing the dragon the night before, perhaps anything was possible.

The party leaves for Nightstone. Along the way they find out that Djeruk is a skilled mushroom forager and he attempts to make a peace offering with Lelah for his gruffness at the Golden Eagle. She retorts, “Moldy mushrooms?” Dresden teases further, “I’ve never seen an Orc forage.”

A deer gallops in front of them. The river becomes shallow and breaks with white water. The forest thins. And trees give way into plains. A half mile away you see the towers of Nightstone. Nightstone is surrounded by a huge stone wall and that is protected by the river. “Well shit,” Dresden exclaims sensing a fight. Lelah, wanting to run from her past and escape the horrors she witnessed the night prior runs toward Nightstone. And before the party can decide their next move, she is gone.

Lelah approaches the stone walls. The tower is destroyed. There are no guards. No people. Nothing, except the ringing of the bell. The party catches up and readies their weapons. Lelah enters the closest guard tower near the drawbridge, she opens the trapdoor and reaches the top. The carnage of the town’s destruction is revealed. Giant, jagged rocks, litter the landscape. “It looks like this place has been rocked," she yells down.

“Something’s wrong,” Dresden whispers. The bell tolls again from the steeple. The party looks back up at the steeple. “Where there’s a steeple, there must be people,” Lelah exclaims. “I wasn’t meant to die here,” Dresden responds.

The party examines the rocks as they head toward the wooden temple. Dresden enters first. He sees it is a temple dedicated to Lathander (God of Dawn) and Mielikki (Goddess of the Forest). It’s mostly open and he notices the few stained glassed windows that are not broken. Lelah and Anakis follow.

Laylyn and Djeruk go behind the Temple and step into the graveyard. There are worn out paths and granite headstones. Some of them date back to the town’s founding. But most disturbingly is the fact that the majority of the headstones only date back to five years ago.

The bell continues to ring out. Lelah heads to the back of the Temple. There is a door leading to the steeple where the bell is ringing. “Well, I’ll be saved by the bell,” Lelah says as opening the door. Dresden notices what used to be a straw mattress. Candles surround the room. Vestments from a priest lie on the floor. Two Goblins jump down from the top of the steeple. As Lelah readies her longbow, she asks sarcastically ask Dresden, “These aren’t one of your forest friends?”

Goblin Attack
Off balanced and unprepared, Lelah misses with her long bow. In one swift motion, Dresden loads and fires a bolt from his crossbow kills one of the goblins. “Pity,” Lelah says as the Goblin silently bleeds out. Anakis fires Eldritch’s Blast at the remaining goblin but instead blows a hole in the Temple wall. Laylyn looks up surprised and orders Djeruk, “Let’s go in.”

Lelah misses again with her longbow and Djeruk finishes the final Goblin with a killing blow. He shouts across the Temple, “Am I the only one who can kill anyone?” Djeruk and Laylyn run into the temple and Djeruk grunts, “They took care of this.”

The party searches:

  • Lelah: Three chunks of incense (15 GP)
  • Dresden: Symbol of Mielikki (20 GP), Three glass vials (unknown value)
  • Anakis: 37 CP, 15 SP

Battle in the Square
Unhappy with her three chunks of incense, Lelah suggests that they head over to the Inn to find more loot. Laylyn updates the party on the graveyard and the crypt. Dresden mutters, “Something bad happened.” A they stroll into the square they see a five foot wide hole. It’s deep. Jagged. But it seems natural. By the well in the square the sound of flesh being ripped apart echos through the silent streets. Two worgs are feasting on the village dog.

Anakis shouts, “Eyes up,” as she casts a Hex on the smaller of the two worgs. Within seconds, she blasts the same worg with an Eldritch’s blast. Dashing into cover Djeruk shoots the yelping worg with his crossbow as flashes of light spark out from the hexed beast. The injured worg lunges at Djeruk but only the worg’s spit and foam reach the mighty orc. Dresden fires the fatal blow to the hexed worg and it falls in place. Djeruk bellows across the square, “We ain’t afraid of no worgs.”

While Harri advances to a better position Laylyn casts a sleep spell on the second creature. The worg stumbles, yawns, but the rage of the creature overpowers the enchantress’ spell and the creature lunges at Harri delivering a near fatal blow on the sailor. Anakis delivers an Eldritch’s Blast to the worg and Djeruk finishes the encounter with a crushing blow with his trusted warhammer.

Hearing the commotion in the square, Goblins rush in and immediately impales Lelah with with an arrow and narrowly misses the mighty orc. A third gobin rushes toward Anakis and Laylyn tries to slow it down with a Chill Touch spell. Injured, Lelah fires wildly in vain and Anakis hits the onrushing Goblin with Eldritch’s Blast. She also tries to distract the goblins with Thaumategy spell but the goblins continue to press the attack Goblin arrows flies at our noble party but they miss their targets. Annoyed at the progress of the battle, Djeruk casts a heal spell on the human and shouts, “What kind of warrior are you.” “I feel better already,” Lelah retorts.

Anakis looks up at the rushing Goblin, fear consumes her eyes, but in the instant it falls in front of her, with a crossbow bolt through the side of its green head. Dresden nods over at Anakis but in that instant, Anakis is struck with an arrow and the Tiefling falls to her knees.

Laylyn misses with her necrotic spell but provides a shield over the party. Lelah running toward the remaining goblins standing on a fruit cart fires her longbow but the arrow splits between the two goblins. Weakened and hurt Anakis fires another magical blast toward the goblins but misses wildly. The orc is furious now. He loads his crossbow and fires a killing blow to one of the goblins on the cart. “Lelah, that is how Tyr wants us to fight in the world,” yells Djeruk.

The halfling, draws his short sword and flanks the remaining goblin. The party unleashes their fury into the remaining attacker. The goblin falls dead. Silence again fill the square.

The party searches:
Laylyn: Gold Ring (25 GP)
Anakis: 5 CP, 1 Chicken
Dresden: Scales of Justice (Value unknown).

Djeruk mutters, “Look at you greedy people,” as he heads over to Harri to treat his significant wounds.

Nightstone Inn
Lelah and Djeruk enter the Nightstone Inn. The main door is half ajar. The room is blown apart. Smashed tables, glasses, dishes, litter the Inn’s floor. A gaping is seen in the ceiling and the second story floor is revealed. They look down and see a dead goblin. A noise is heard in the Inn’s kitchen. They run into the kitchen and see the end of a large sack. Djeruk calls out to Dresden and Anakis, “They’re going out the back. Run around to the back.” Lelah runs to the window, draws her longbow and kills the goblin dead.

Anakis, still injured from the goblin attacks rests. Lelah goes upstairs and finds a locked chest in one of the four rooms. Djeruk and Laylyn meet up with Lelah. Lelah opens the final door in the Inn’s upstairs and a woman dressed in traveling leathers is standing there.

It turns out that Kella Darkhope, of Waterdeep, killed the goblin in the first level of the Inn. She tells a tale of Giants floating in the sky throwing rocks onto Nightstone like a child skipping rocks into a pond. She has a winged snake wrapped around her arm and she is wary when the rest of the party approaches but Laylyn attempts to ease her fears by offering Kella a warm meal they just prepared.

Lelah and Dresden sneak out from the conversation with Kella and retrieves Harri’s thieves tools. They open the chest from the Inn’s owner.

Unclaimed Loot from Escaping Goblin

  • Cheese
  • Muffin
  • cooked chicken
  • frying pan
  • Pot
  • Lantern
  • Utensils
  • jar of herbs
  • Silver jug
  • Hour glass

Unclaimed Loot from Chest:

  • Dwarven Chainmail
  • Dwarven Helm
  • Leather Bag with 45 GP
  • Two Gemstones (100 GP)
  • Potion, Labeled ‘Hero.”

As the party prepares to rest, Djeruk filled with curiosity and wonder, examines the ‘Hero’ potion. But the potion doesn’t yield any secrets. He stares at the bottle, wondering what is next for him and what paths this unlikely band of survivors will find next.

Level Up! 300 XP


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