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Adventure 008: The Wall is Breeched

The mood was dour. Harri, their companion since the attack on the Golden Eagle, was dead. Killed almost instantly. Zephyros, the mighty cloud giant, lifted Harri’s body upward through the clouds. The sun illuminated their faces. The party raised their steins and Laylyn muttered, “Well shit. To Harri.”

Zephyros cut the tension with yet another absentee question. “We were going somewhere?” “Goldenfields,” replied Anakis. Zephyros parted the clouds and Goldenfields emerged.

Goldenfields is flat and filled with various crops supporting Waterdeep, the City of Splendors. From high, the land is covered in different colored crops shaped in menacing geometric shapes. “Stop here!” yells Zephyros. “Drop the ladder. I hope to meet you all again. Good luck. No good way to get a hold of me.”

Djeruk had been sleeping for days. He had missed many of the groups’ minor and major skirmishes. Butterbean, drunk with ale, had tried multiple methods of waking him. Methods he claimed worked on all creatures, but especially orcs. Most of these methods were simply drinking more ale while yelling incoherently at Djeruk’s still body but the mighty orc still slept. He kept sleeping after the party left for Goldenfields. He slept for months. Then years. Djeruk never woke again. Years later, when Dresden regaled audiences about their battles in the rebuilt Golden Eagle, he would always forget to include the Orc in the tale, until Lelah poured half her drink out on the bar floor and said, “To Jerry, we hardly knew you.”

The Great Wall protecting Goldenfields was massive. It was larger than anything they had seen before. Definitely larger than the walls in Waterdeep. Horse-drawn carriages carried freight and supplies around the top. Goldenfield grew most of the crops that supported the region. And despite its importance, the Party noticed how the area was so lightly defended. They traveled through the wall’s tunnels conversing with guards and others while they searched for Miros Xelbrin.

Morak Ur’gray, the Inn Keeper in Nightstone had requested that they search out Miros and let him know his parents are dead. Dresden didn’t want to be the Inn Keeper’s errand boy but Laylyn suspected that there might be a good reward in store for them. And Laylyn had a thing or two for treasure.

Off in the distance they see a merchant. A seed seller. Lelah takes a sample. The spellcasters stock up on supplies. Dresden always looking for deal continues to haggle the seed seller until she relents. Longhouses come into view. They are beautiful. Anakis points to the oak tree in the center. Laylyn notices it too. It’s talking. And moving. It moves its limbs to create steps for the town’s children to climb. Dresden walks up to the mighty oak and begins conversing with the wooden giant about creation, the meaning of life, and existence itself until he notices that the party is heading to the tavern.

The bar is welcoming. Lively. Warm. It is a welcome respite from travel and battle. Lelah, still somewhat emotional from orphaning that Goblin baby in the dripping caves, searches out Miros, while Dresden orders a “Golden Gulp.” A local drink poured in an ornate flagon. The sign claims it is a Goldenfield’s original. Anakis and Laylyn notice all of the actors and bards and the lute playing halfling in the corner.

Miros is of course devastated at the news of his parents death. Lelah comforts him by telling him and the rest of her newly formed party that her parents disappeared in a great fire and were never seen again. The halfling playing the lute awkwardly tells Miros that he looks sad and plays the Goldenfield song of the Harvest. Miros immediately turns his sorrow into resolve and says that he must continue. That the harvest must continue.

Laylyn stealthly raises her finger, mutters a few words and the halfling playing the lute suddenly stops and silence fills the tavern. Anakis smirks. With silence in the air from the muted halfling, a mage from the town introduces herself and the party convinces her to join them in their travels.

Accomplishing the sad task at hand they walk out of the tavern toward the Abbey with a few of the key townspeople. They see two bears lay sleeping in the courtyard. Been there for years the guard responds. Dresden speaks to the monk at the Abbey and tries in vain to have him cast a spell on him to better communicate to Wolfy. No one is ever quite sure if he is honest in these requests or if it is simply the ale speaking. They light a candle for Harri.

Suddenly creams from outside the Abbey interrupt their quiet moment. The children are being attacked and taken by a group of goblins, bugbears and ogres. The run outside.

Lelah looks up and see the goblins taken out pretty quickly. Crossbow bolts dart across the main street while fire shoots from Anakis. Lelah smiles while Laylyn conjures a spell that tears a hole deep into the earth enveloping the attackers. Lelah dives quickly out of the way of the advancing ogres and Dresden’s wayward shots and looks up just in time to see Laylyn’s Tides of Chaos spell go awry. A third eye grows instantly from her forehead. “That’s a sight to see,” she thinks. More ogres fall and blood gushes from the bugbears. And just when the marauders might be gaining the upper hand, the mighty oak swings and smashes his branches in the remaining attackers. Lelah lowers her bow. Looks out at the carnage. The children continue to run to the carriage houses. The ground rumbles. There are others. This is not the end.

Adventure 007: Rest Eternal
The Party Pours One Out
Adventure 004: Slime Time
Cave exploration; where are those villagers?

The group finds itself in the silent town, the Seven Snakes have taken care of the orc bodies and proceed to scout and watch from the towers.

The adventures decide to leave the town and head towards the cave that the villagers ran to during the giant attack on Nightstone. The walk is short and uneventful.

They approach the mouth of the cave and before they can all enter the narrow opening, an ogre emerges from a hot mud pit just inside the darkness. It roars and attacks the lead members. Lelah and the ogre trade blows and Laylyn catches a clubbing after managing to splash a magical acid bomb onto its hulking body. The ogre’s rush has blocked the mouth of the cave and Harri and Djeruk are blocked from the fray by their comrades. Anakis sneaks in a hand toward the ogre and zaps him with a charged grip. Finally, Laylyn casts sleep on the ogre who immediately crumples to the ground, snoozing. The party falls upon the sleeping beast and repeatedly bash, cut, and slice the beast. Dresden takes a point-blank shot into the face of the ogre tearing off the cheek and ear.

A loud howl erupts from the center of the cave. A ring of stalagmites serves as a personal space for the mated pair of ogres, of which the other comes bursting forth swinging a log in defense of the one on the ground. Harri does a quick two-knived body drop to the fallen ogre, gutting it. The adventurer’s press the attack, pouring into the cave no longer bottle-necked by the first ogre. Arrows fly from the darkness, which is not really so dark because the party all has some sort of darkvison for low-light situations. About ten feet off the ground, ringing the entire central chamber are ledges with goblin sentries firing arrows and shouting “Bree-yark!” Harri, Djeruk and Anakis scatter across the floor of the cave, rushing towards the ledges to scramble up and engage the snipers.

Arrows pelt the heroes and the stream is cut off one by one as the goblin sentries are murdered swiftly. The dead ogre’s mate ambushes Lelah from behind the stalagmites. Pretty soon the ogre is brought to the ground by a combination of mauling, acid orbs, and crossbow bolts to the head and neck.

The heroes find themselves in a roughly circular cave that has passageways breaking off like spokes on a wheel. The first passages is narrow and must be navigated single-file. They pass a large 15 ft tall cone of rock that is free-standing in the middle of a widened room of the passageway. There are hundreds of holes in the rock but no one takes a closer look. They continue on into a blind room with a cascading waterfall down one side wall. A gurgling louder that the trickle of water causes all to whip around to face a Black Pudding! The black, oily amorphous mass sends whipping pseudopods from its central goopiness attempting to snare and dissolve the heroes. Striking the ooze with blunt object only causes the monster to splatter and the droplets burn the skin and clothing on those nearby. Annikis targets a roaring jet of magical flame that incinerates the ooze and the ash is scattered to the cave floor. Dresden attempts to swim and explore the shallow pond created by the waterfall. It is a simple pond without a continuing passage. They retrace their steps back to the central cavern.

The next passageway leads to a round room with a conical, descending floor to a central black hole. Around the walls of the cave are ledges crammed with dozens of huddling humans! The villagers shush the heroes as they step forward. Lelah shouts, “are you from Nightstone?”, provoking bats, thousands of them, to pour upwards out of the hole the floor. They circle the room, filling it. The heroes manage to to lead the frightened villagers out of the bat cloud and to freedom outside the cave. Everyone heads back to Nightstone and the surviving villagers pick up the pieces of their town, cook a feast to celebrate the heroes, and mourn their dead. Nightstone and the adventurers sleep soundly with the seven snakes watching the town.

Adventure 003: Lady Nandar and the Magical Sword
I. Windmilling About

After their encounter at the Inn and the introduction of Kella Darkhope, the party, after some squabbling reluctantly compromises on investigating the stables. Alas, the stables are empty, but Lelah’s ear for trouble, honed by years behind the counter at the Golden Eagle, senses something in the loft upstairs. One shish-kebabed Goblin later, Lelah runs her hands over the stinking carcass looking for any bit of petty coin or treasure she can find. Dresden looks on with a mix of amusement and disgust while Lelah manages to scour a box of 10 silver darts and a dirty pouch of coins from the vile corpse. Lelah pockets the darts.

The party then makes s a quixotic decision and instead of searching something obvious, like the keep or the store, heads straight to the windmill, Dwarven Harri and Kella Darkhope still in tow. The doors to the ancient grainary appear to be knocked clean off the hinges, as though a drunken giant had mistaken them for an old west saloon.

The story of the party then takes a dark turn, as the interior is extremely poorly lit, something that will surely dock a star from Anakis’ future Yelp review of the Knightstone Windmill.

As the eyes, or in some cases, darkvision, of the party adjusts, the giant cogs and non-mysterious gears (they’re for grinding grain) of the windmill become apparent in the dim. It is then that they hear not only a snickering and hooting but also a mischievous cackling from above, and look up to find several Goblins aiming crudely made bows down upon them. The short stature of the Halfling allow Dresden to shoot a bolt directly into the crucial artery of a Goblin’s crotch and it falls to the ground. A Goblin who has leapt to the ground is delivered a single and deadly killing blow from Djeruk’s warhammer. As Djeruk begins his 10 minute ritual of praise for the war god Tyr, Harri interjects “Kella Darkhope just took off! Toward the square!”

“Kellah! Wait!” Lelah cries, and she, Harri, and Laylyn run after Kella, leaving the remaining three standing in the empty windmill. Kella puts on a burst of speed and, with the element of surprise, distances herself from the trailing Laylyn and Lelah. The natural berm on which the windmill was constructed allows the three to spot Kella’s destination: the Nightstone Inn.

Dresden, Djeruk, and Anakis feel confident Kella won’t get far and turn their attention toward the south-end of village and it’s building-guardian, the keep. The tower stands on its own island created by the figure-eight shape of the river. A drawbridge connects the village side and the keep side. The heroes strut up the shredded end of the wooden bridge. Peering over the side, a large boulder can be seen just beneath the water’s surface. “The jump is a solid 15 feet across,” says Harri. “At least you’ll have a couple of inches of water to break the fall.”“Tyr won’t fail us,” with a running leap, after tying a rope around his waist, Djeruk clears the gap and lands heavily on the other side. The ruined span creaked under the robust half-orc’s settling but withstood the new weight.

“Hello there! We’re in the keep,” shouts a human guard from the top of the keep. Quickly, Anakis and Dresden make use of the rope and scramble to the keep side of the bridge. A gatehouse roughly 2 stories tall stands before them. One tower has been crumbled under the collision of another massive boulder. The impact has twisted the mechanism for the portcullis sending the gate askew and allowing easy passage into the circular, grassy courtyard around the keep building.

Meanwhile, across town. “Kella!,” shouts Lelah and Laylyn as they attempt to chase down the squirrely survivor. THey burst the through front of the Nightstone Inn in pursuit, the main common bar area is deserted. A thumping comes from overhead along the upper floor’s hallway. Harri, Lelah, Laylyn bound up the stairs and find themselves at the business end of a crossbow blot that tracks their twitching. Kella stands squared-off, to the hole in the floor made by the boulder, her head cocked and sighting down the length of the bolt in her crossbow. Poised, finger on the trigger, “get back,” she shouts. “Come any closer and I’ll drop the closest bag of horse-puckey, NOW GET BACK!” With the warning, Kella edges closer to the hole in the floor. Lelah explains the group had nothing to do with the devastation of Nightstone, instead they we fleeing from an unwarranted attack on the Golden Eagle Inn from a red dragon and murderous cultists. Kella’s face shows no sign of softening. Harri and Laylyn approach her with hands open. With cape whipping up, Kella deftly jumps into the hole in the floor, fleeing the Inn, and leaves the group in the guest room empty-handed.

Laylyn, Lelah, and Harri rejoin the rest of the group in the courtyard of the Keep. The manicured grass encircling the keep is embedded with boulders and a handful of dead bodies dressed in guard livery. Lelah investigates the corpses eagerly, but crushed bodies yield no loot. The adventurers scramble into the keep traversing the pile of rubble that used to be one of the 4 towers. Inside the great hall, four guards are stationed around the dinning table. A tapestry-shrouded body lies on the table supine. The face is uncovered, an older woman with ash-colored skin lays here after death. Annikis says, “What happened here? Who is that?” The guards are shaken and despondent, Djeruk recognizes the trauma of violence in their eyes. One says “This is Lady Nandar, the magistrate of Nightstone. She died in the attack.” His eyes overflow with tears, but his voice is steady.

“We were attacked, Nightstone raided. FIrst, the stones came from above, then a flying fortress arrived over the town. At least six sky giants disembarked and tore the Nightstone from its hallowed resting place in the center of town. The bridge was demolished, and Lady Nandar died as the keep sustained the damage you see before you. The guards cut-off in the town attempted to round up the villagers and flee. Nowhere in town was safe. I saw the villagers and guards flee towards the north. The giants took no notice of them. There’s some caves in that direction. Maybe they found shelter, but they haven’t returned. This a tragedy rivaling the loss of Lady Nandar’s husband and many villagers five years ago when wood elves attacked Nightstone.”

Djeruk breaks the solemness, “What can we do to help?” The guars are at a loss and have no answers. Lelah, hoping to score some quick loot, climbs the stairs to the upper levels of the keep and the others follow. The second level was Lady Nandar’s domicile, a quick search of the kitchen and library revealing nothing of interest. Lelah pockets a book from the shelves and the guards, having followed the adventurers up the stairs, share confused glances. Lelah will not be deterred, she sprints up the last flight of stairs. This floor holds the chambers of Lady Nandar. The hallway is hung with beautiful, framed renditions of Waterdeep and it’s most prominent architecture. The guards catch up and demand the heroes stay away from Lady Nandar’s personal affects which they promptly ignore. Lelah impetuously attempts to rifle through a set of drawers in the Lady’s bedroom. Swish! The air is parted by an animated sword brought to life by the thievery. Weaving through the air it cuts Lelah’s cheek open before she has a chance to defend. Djeruk leaps into the fray, and clangs his warhammer off the flying sword. Dresden and Anakis pick up where Lelah left off and fiddle with drawers hoping for loot. Laylyn aties to distract the guards from the scene of her friends’ attempted robbery by mouthing the enchantment for a illusion in the opposite direction, but the sounds of battle are too much. Just as the guards ready their spears, the theft is too much for them to ignore, Lelah’s maul clubs the flying sword to the ground and bending it in half.

Laylyn stops the groups with her reasoned plea to maintain peace. “We are not simple thieves, please allow us a chance to prove it. The villagers are missing, there is no Nightstone without it’s inhabitants. We will travel to the cave and bring them back. There is no need to fear us.” The guards all settle their spears, and suggest the party makes haste and gives them directions to the cave.

Back in the center of town, the guards choosing to remain in the keep, the heroes happen upon Kella. This time she’d just finished lowering the drawbridge to the main road. Seven armed men and women ride up. They are dusty from travel, their horses frothing from the ride. A half-elf dismounts and greets Kella warmly. The miniature winged snake transfers from Kella’s arm to the new-comer. “Greetings, you merry band.” His smile slick like his hair. “I’m Zolkin Alasander, we are the Seven Snakes of Daggerford. Professional bounty-hunters.” He appraises the devastation and asks who else is still alive. Laylyn speaks in elvish and informs him that the keep is housing the rest of the guards of Nightstone. Zolkin suggests for the party to get rid of the guards and align themselves with the goals of the Seven. Lelah retorts, “To get those guards, you’ll have to go through me,” a curious 180 degree turn from just moments before when she led the reckless loot hunt in defiance of the Keep’s guard.

The heroes break for a huddle out of earshot from the Seven, who finger their weapons in a casual and relaxed fashion. Dispersing, Anakis says, “Sure, we’ll get rid of the guards for you.” The heroes then make their way back to the Keep and inform the guards of the Seven’s presence. Lelah makes a good point, “Kella and her husband may want to kill us.” The heroes promise the guards no harm will come to them and stay low.

Back in the center of town, Zolkin asks if the guards have been removed. Laylyn says that Lady Nandar is dead, cautiously leaving out mention of the guards. Lelah tries to pry some info from Zolkin, but the only response is a whispered message to the winged snake. It disembarks from Zolkin’s arm and flies to the west. The bounty hunters have spread out, two are posted at the main gate towers and have recently drawn up the causeway over the river.

The group sees that the Seven have no interest in them and so loot the remaining building, which houses the general store and a lone goblin. Anakis dispatches the goblin handily with a swift magic bolt through it’s chest. The adventures gather the leftover goods from the store and return to the courtyard as the one of the snakes watching guard yells out a warning greenskins are coming. Lots. The Snakes man the towers and immediately find range plucking a handful of arrows into the dozens-strong riot at extreme range.

The orcs close the distance to the town walls quickly and jump into the river to scale the town’s defenses. They led by a particularly massive leader who’s festooned with arrow shafts and sword cuts, none of which are slowing him down. The orcs take a few more casualties from the adventurer’s and Snakes ranged attacks. The dead float swiftly away. But the orcs have now found a way in: the shattered bridge between the keep and town.

The heroes and Snakes line-up on formation and meet the initial wave head-on as they scramble from the water into the gap in the wooden walls. The two battle lines crash into each other at running speed; Lelah swiping her maul back and forth, cracking orc jaws and sending teeth into the sky. Djeruk fells an orc with his warhammer, and another one steps forward to counter attack. Dresden calmly and drunkenly engages in hand-to-hand with his crossbow, blasting the nearest orc in the face and relying on his shortness as camouflage. The Snakes show their acumen and drop orc bodies left and right with their slim swords flashing. The melee is now spinning like a hurricane with dead and injured left in its wake. Laylyn’s confrontation goes awry as her wild magic takes control, delivering a judicious blast of etherial acid that burns down the nearest orc and causes her hair to instantly fall out of her head. But the other orcs press the attack. She attempts to ward off the onslaught with a magical shield of protection but it’s not enough; she is pummeled into the ground and left unconscious by a savage greenskin. The enraged leader of the warband faces off with Anakis who lays a protective freezing spell on himself moments before the orc lands as strike. The orc’s weapon rapidly encrusts with ice from coming into contact with Anakis. She then follows up with a strike to the same are, shattering it into ice cubes.

This is the final straw for the orc band. They run screaming from the village, beaten and bloodied and armless. The shaman orc shouts a few parting curses. The party mops up the dying orcs and Djeruk resuscitates Laylyn with healing gestures and prayers. Zolkin notes the orcs had been reduced in strength from a recent battle, likely elves given the arrow shafts found in some of the orc bodies.

Adventure 002: Rocks, Goblins and Worgs, oh my!

The weary party wakes to the gentle sound of morning. The river is next to them and in the morning light they see the clearings on each side. Gentle banks slope down to the river. The path to Knightstone is clear. Follow the river for a half of a day.

Dresden, looking worried and anxious, sips from his canteen filled with drink from the Golden Eagle and he finally speaks up, “No more killing gentle forest creatures. All living creatures from the forest must be respected.” “The spiders didn’t respect Tam,” Anakis retorts. Harri speaks up, “Remember, we ran. We could have slaughtered them all.”

Djeruk interrupts the awkward silence by shouting, “All glory to the God Tyr."

The night before Harri regaled them with stories of about being a sailor and a pirate. He had gone to Waterdeep to be a pirate. And he felt most comfortable on the deck of the ship. Harri talked for hours about his battle with a huge Kraken. No one believed him. But after seeing the dragon the night before, perhaps anything was possible.

The party leaves for Nightstone. Along the way they find out that Djeruk is a skilled mushroom forager and he attempts to make a peace offering with Lelah for his gruffness at the Golden Eagle. She retorts, “Moldy mushrooms?” Dresden teases further, “I’ve never seen an Orc forage.”

A deer gallops in front of them. The river becomes shallow and breaks with white water. The forest thins. And trees give way into plains. A half mile away you see the towers of Nightstone. Nightstone is surrounded by a huge stone wall and that is protected by the river. “Well shit,” Dresden exclaims sensing a fight. Lelah, wanting to run from her past and escape the horrors she witnessed the night prior runs toward Nightstone. And before the party can decide their next move, she is gone.

Lelah approaches the stone walls. The tower is destroyed. There are no guards. No people. Nothing, except the ringing of the bell. The party catches up and readies their weapons. Lelah enters the closest guard tower near the drawbridge, she opens the trapdoor and reaches the top. The carnage of the town’s destruction is revealed. Giant, jagged rocks, litter the landscape. “It looks like this place has been rocked," she yells down.

“Something’s wrong,” Dresden whispers. The bell tolls again from the steeple. The party looks back up at the steeple. “Where there’s a steeple, there must be people,” Lelah exclaims. “I wasn’t meant to die here,” Dresden responds.

The party examines the rocks as they head toward the wooden temple. Dresden enters first. He sees it is a temple dedicated to Lathander (God of Dawn) and Mielikki (Goddess of the Forest). It’s mostly open and he notices the few stained glassed windows that are not broken. Lelah and Anakis follow.

Laylyn and Djeruk go behind the Temple and step into the graveyard. There are worn out paths and granite headstones. Some of them date back to the town’s founding. But most disturbingly is the fact that the majority of the headstones only date back to five years ago.

The bell continues to ring out. Lelah heads to the back of the Temple. There is a door leading to the steeple where the bell is ringing. “Well, I’ll be saved by the bell,” Lelah says as opening the door. Dresden notices what used to be a straw mattress. Candles surround the room. Vestments from a priest lie on the floor. Two Goblins jump down from the top of the steeple. As Lelah readies her longbow, she asks sarcastically ask Dresden, “These aren’t one of your forest friends?”

Goblin Attack
Off balanced and unprepared, Lelah misses with her long bow. In one swift motion, Dresden loads and fires a bolt from his crossbow kills one of the goblins. “Pity,” Lelah says as the Goblin silently bleeds out. Anakis fires Eldritch’s Blast at the remaining goblin but instead blows a hole in the Temple wall. Laylyn looks up surprised and orders Djeruk, “Let’s go in.”

Lelah misses again with her longbow and Djeruk finishes the final Goblin with a killing blow. He shouts across the Temple, “Am I the only one who can kill anyone?” Djeruk and Laylyn run into the temple and Djeruk grunts, “They took care of this.”

The party searches:

  • Lelah: Three chunks of incense (15 GP)
  • Dresden: Symbol of Mielikki (20 GP), Three glass vials (unknown value)
  • Anakis: 37 CP, 15 SP

Battle in the Square
Unhappy with her three chunks of incense, Lelah suggests that they head over to the Inn to find more loot. Laylyn updates the party on the graveyard and the crypt. Dresden mutters, “Something bad happened.” A they stroll into the square they see a five foot wide hole. It’s deep. Jagged. But it seems natural. By the well in the square the sound of flesh being ripped apart echos through the silent streets. Two worgs are feasting on the village dog.

Anakis shouts, “Eyes up,” as she casts a Hex on the smaller of the two worgs. Within seconds, she blasts the same worg with an Eldritch’s blast. Dashing into cover Djeruk shoots the yelping worg with his crossbow as flashes of light spark out from the hexed beast. The injured worg lunges at Djeruk but only the worg’s spit and foam reach the mighty orc. Dresden fires the fatal blow to the hexed worg and it falls in place. Djeruk bellows across the square, “We ain’t afraid of no worgs.”

While Harri advances to a better position Laylyn casts a sleep spell on the second creature. The worg stumbles, yawns, but the rage of the creature overpowers the enchantress’ spell and the creature lunges at Harri delivering a near fatal blow on the sailor. Anakis delivers an Eldritch’s Blast to the worg and Djeruk finishes the encounter with a crushing blow with his trusted warhammer.

Hearing the commotion in the square, Goblins rush in and immediately impales Lelah with with an arrow and narrowly misses the mighty orc. A third gobin rushes toward Anakis and Laylyn tries to slow it down with a Chill Touch spell. Injured, Lelah fires wildly in vain and Anakis hits the onrushing Goblin with Eldritch’s Blast. She also tries to distract the goblins with Thaumategy spell but the goblins continue to press the attack Goblin arrows flies at our noble party but they miss their targets. Annoyed at the progress of the battle, Djeruk casts a heal spell on the human and shouts, “What kind of warrior are you.” “I feel better already,” Lelah retorts.

Anakis looks up at the rushing Goblin, fear consumes her eyes, but in the instant it falls in front of her, with a crossbow bolt through the side of its green head. Dresden nods over at Anakis but in that instant, Anakis is struck with an arrow and the Tiefling falls to her knees.

Laylyn misses with her necrotic spell but provides a shield over the party. Lelah running toward the remaining goblins standing on a fruit cart fires her longbow but the arrow splits between the two goblins. Weakened and hurt Anakis fires another magical blast toward the goblins but misses wildly. The orc is furious now. He loads his crossbow and fires a killing blow to one of the goblins on the cart. “Lelah, that is how Tyr wants us to fight in the world,” yells Djeruk.

The halfling, draws his short sword and flanks the remaining goblin. The party unleashes their fury into the remaining attacker. The goblin falls dead. Silence again fill the square.

The party searches:
Laylyn: Gold Ring (25 GP)
Anakis: 5 CP, 1 Chicken
Dresden: Scales of Justice (Value unknown).

Djeruk mutters, “Look at you greedy people,” as he heads over to Harri to treat his significant wounds.

Nightstone Inn
Lelah and Djeruk enter the Nightstone Inn. The main door is half ajar. The room is blown apart. Smashed tables, glasses, dishes, litter the Inn’s floor. A gaping is seen in the ceiling and the second story floor is revealed. They look down and see a dead goblin. A noise is heard in the Inn’s kitchen. They run into the kitchen and see the end of a large sack. Djeruk calls out to Dresden and Anakis, “They’re going out the back. Run around to the back.” Lelah runs to the window, draws her longbow and kills the goblin dead.

Anakis, still injured from the goblin attacks rests. Lelah goes upstairs and finds a locked chest in one of the four rooms. Djeruk and Laylyn meet up with Lelah. Lelah opens the final door in the Inn’s upstairs and a woman dressed in traveling leathers is standing there.

It turns out that Kella Darkhope, of Waterdeep, killed the goblin in the first level of the Inn. She tells a tale of Giants floating in the sky throwing rocks onto Nightstone like a child skipping rocks into a pond. She has a winged snake wrapped around her arm and she is wary when the rest of the party approaches but Laylyn attempts to ease her fears by offering Kella a warm meal they just prepared.

Lelah and Dresden sneak out from the conversation with Kella and retrieves Harri’s thieves tools. They open the chest from the Inn’s owner.

Unclaimed Loot from Escaping Goblin

  • Cheese
  • Muffin
  • cooked chicken
  • frying pan
  • Pot
  • Lantern
  • Utensils
  • jar of herbs
  • Silver jug
  • Hour glass

Unclaimed Loot from Chest:

  • Dwarven Chainmail
  • Dwarven Helm
  • Leather Bag with 45 GP
  • Two Gemstones (100 GP)
  • Potion, Labeled ‘Hero.”

As the party prepares to rest, Djeruk filled with curiosity and wonder, examines the ‘Hero’ potion. But the potion doesn’t yield any secrets. He stares at the bottle, wondering what is next for him and what paths this unlikely band of survivors will find next.

Level Up! 300 XP

Adventure 001: The Golden Eagle

The Golden Eagle Inn and Carriage House stands near a major crossroads, close to the Arden forest in the nation-state Cormyr.


Dresden Butterbean enters the Golden Eagle to trade and find a hot meal. A human barmaid named Lelah Silverkin works behind the bar and serves Dresden several drinks.

After Dresden downs his second drink, a Tiefling walks up to Lelah and asks for a meal. Fresh Cormyr Eagle today, she replies. The Tiefling, who is known as Anakis of Folkor, accepts and asks for a mug of water, which causes Lelah to laugh. Before, Lelah realizes it, a half-orc named Djeruk Brakstine sits at the bar and negotiates Lelah on price. She begrudgingly accepts his offer.

Laylyn Oakley, a half-elf arrives at the Golden Eagle and orders mead. Two wood-elves, speaking quietly across the room, admire Laylyn’s natural beauty.

The Golden Eagle is lively. There is a Dwarf playing cards. A human with four huge bodyguards. Two other Dwarves are laughing and having lively conversation. Dresden and Anakis, up for some friendly competition, join the Dwarf, Harri, for card games. Games are won and lost. Djeruk brazenly goes up to the human and his bodyguards but no one is in the mood for conversation. Lelah passes out another round of drinks.

Laylyn approaches the woodelves and pulls back her cloak revealing her elvish ears. The Woodelves buy her a round and she is introduced to Shoosum Browless. They speak in Elvish.


Suddenly, a disturbance is heard outside the inn, as the windows shatter inward from the force of something powerful. Immediately, three great knights wearing the distinctive armor of the Purple Dragon Army appear in the courtyard, one of whom Anakis and Lelah recognize Sir Beldrake Canton. How they recognize him it is not yet revealed, but they do now he does not come in peace.

Behind the knights, towering large and radiating an intense heat from both scale and breath, is a massive Red Dragon. The dragon’s incredible tail has knocked down a large gate leading into the city and it becomes quickly apparent that this beast is no match for the lowly adventures who have found themselves together in the inn.


Nearly as soon as the disturbance begins, several druids wielding curved scimitars burst through the now-shattered windows. They strike and kill one of the unsuspecting dwarf patrons and the adventurers spring into action. Lelah throws a bottle of alcohol from behind the bar, striking and blinding one of the druids, as Dresden takes to his bow and deftly strikes the blinded druid in the neck, proving himself to be a skilled ranger. Lelah says sarcastically, “That was my kill,” though the adventures quickly recognize that if they’re going to live through this, they’ll need to work together.

The fracas ensues, Djeruk takes out two druids with his warhammer, showcasing his brute strength. Laylyn punishes a nearby enemy with her Chill Touch cantrip, illustrating her sorceress prowess. Anakis misses with a warlock Eldritch Blast cantrip as she deftly dodges the strike of a nearby druid. “Robe is flowing, midriff is showing!” she says cheekily. The dwarf Harri performs an acrobatic maneuver to slice through the leather armor yet another enemy foe.

Druid fighters continue to enter the room, streaming in now from windows on all sides. The front door to the main room bulges inward and shatters, spreading splinters in every direction. The powerful blast knocks over the nearby heavy wooden furniture as the three knights emerge through the opening. The face of Sir Beldrake brings frightening images to Anakis, but she continues onward. The dragon, with it’s nearly two-foot-wide mouth emanates intense heat.

Quickly realizing this is a battle which cannot be won, the bar owner, Tam, recommends that everyone flee down into the basement storeroom where there is a secret passage that leads out of town. Each adventures uses skills to maim, delay, and outrun the ensuing druids as they make their way out of the room and down the basement steps. The mysterious human and his four guards disappear upstairs.

As Harri follows the adventures he makes a giant leap over a illusory table created by Laylyn and lands roughly, becoming stunned. Lelah quips, “they called it a dive bar before” and “where there’s a wall, there’s a way” as she disappears into the basement tunnel. When Harri is pursued closely by an enemy foe that bursts through the minor illusion, Laylyn thinks quickly and uses the Mage Hand cantrip to jostle Harri back to his senses, as Dresden turns back up the stairs and fires his bow at the nearby druid, then helping Laylyn pull Harri down the stairs and into safety. Tam follows and everyone makes it out of the carriage house and into the tunnel.

The five adventures, Harri, and Tam – lantern in hand – move quickly through the tunnel, eventually emerging among the dense, old growth trees of the Arden forest. Tam recommends that they make their way to the nearby town of Nightstone, which is a distance of roughly 10 miles past the river. The river is at the edge of the forest and is an estimated 3 miles away. Dresden, skilled in forest navigation, leads with Tam as the adventures banter and recant what just happened to them back at the inn. Anakis is reluctant to share how she knows Sir Beldrake.

Shortly, they come upon an increasing density of spiderwebs among the trees when suddenly a massive spider drops from the forest canopy and sinks its deadly fangs into Tam’s neck. Before their eyes, the necrotic venom starts to eat away at Tam’s flesh, killing him nearly instantly. With the spider above them and with no choice but to fight, Harri and the adventurers spring into action against the formidable Phase Spider.


Djeruk casts Bless on three of his fellow adventurers and Divine Favor on himself, giving each an additional 1d4 die per attack, and swings his heavy weapon, twice striking the spider. Dresden casts Hunter’s Mark, giving him an additional 1d6 damage buff and sinks an arrow into the spider’s eye. Before the spider has a chance to react, Laylyn casts Sleep on the beast and it slumps into a deep slumber, upon which she follows with a Wild Magic Surge. She rolls 71 on the table, granting her immunity to damage for one minute. Anakis casts Hex, buffing her attacks with 1d6 additional damage, followed by an Eldritch Blast cantrip which lands successfully. Lelah fires a crossbow and lands a killing strike, ending the battle.

As Djeruk examines the corpse, two more spiders drop with a heavy thud behind the party. With spell slots exhausted and convinced they are no match for this battle, the adventures and Harri take off running with the spiders in a close chase. Lelah nearly falls to exhaustion when the spiders give up and drop back as the party emerges at the edge of forest and set up camp at the riverbank, thus ending their first quest together. Their destination remains Nightstone.

Unabridged quest notes can be located here.

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